Our Monument is Unveiled

Last night Amy and I unveiled our monument dedicated to the active effacement and complete disregard of history. There was a short ceremony: Amy and I uncovered the plinth, which had been draped in the Australian flag, and then read a speech in both English and German. Afterwards, we distributed copies of the speech to the people present.

Here is the handout of our speech.

The monument will be open in the grounds of the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Siemensstrasse 27, Moabit, Berlin) until Sunday the 27th of January. Tomorrow the monument site will host an Australia Day barbecue. All are welcome.

Here are some preliminary photos of the unveiling ceremony and the monument. We will post more soon.

IMG_2178Amy and Catherine reading their speechAmy and Catherine and the MonumentMonument Dedicated to the Active Effacement and Complete Disregard of HistoryMonument with German Text


One response to “Our Monument is Unveiled

  1. …well done…but your German Translation gives me some confusion. We’ll have the chance to discuss this later this week…..

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