Remove the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Nothing To See Here 2

Catherine Ryan and I have been accepted to present a new artwork at the Underbelly Arts Festival in Sydney from July-August 2013. The work involves constructing a scenic lookout on Cockatoo Island from which it will appear that key parts of the iconic Sydney Harbour skyline have been removed—including the Harbour Bridge.

Destroyed monuments

The work, entitled Nothing to See Here, is about absence, displacement and denial in Australian history. It follows on from the research that we undertook during our recent residency in Berlin.

A particular reference point is artist Horst Hoheisel’s controversial suggestion, that in order to memorialise the Holocaust, the Brandenburg Gate (the symbol of Berlin) should be blown up. “How better to remember a destroyed people”, he asked, “than by a destroyed monument?” Like Hoheisel, we want to make people think about the destruction and displacement of peoples by presenting an image of absence.

We intend the image of the Harbour without the Bridge to be an uncanny experience and a challenge to Australian identity. It will be the most ambitious public project that Catherine and I have attempted together.

You can read about the project on our Pozible page:

$25 turns into $50

Yes, to fund the project, we’re running one of those ubiquitous crowd-funded Pozible campaigns. The exciting difference with this campaign is that a philanthropic organisation, the Keir Foundation, is matching every dollar raised for the project (this is a first for Australian arts philanthropy).

Catherine and I would be very appreciative of any support you could give us. There is a range of high concept rewards available to those who pledge money. Every dollar donated will be doubled, thanks to the matched funding. In order for the project to go ahead, we need to reach our target of $1250 by the end of May. If we go above this target we plan to commission essays by Australian writers to accompany the work.

If you can’t contribute financially (or even if you can) it would be really great if you could share the campaign and help spread the word about the project.

That URL again!


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