Police personnel needed for artwork!

After presenting artworks in Berlin, Sydney and Melbourne in 2013, Catherine and I are very excited to be given the opportunity to develop a new performance work with choreographer Ashley Dyer for Melbourne’s inaugural Festival of Live Art. This new work, supported by Arts Victoria and the City of Melbourne, will be presented at Arts House in March 2014.

Presently, we are on the look-out for police men and women who could talk with us and help with the work’s development (either on or off the record). Please circulate the call-out below to anyone you think might be suitable.


Are you passionate about the role of police in society and want to make people more aware of it? Interested in sharing your skills and know-how with artists who are making a new dance work about public order and safety? We want to speak with you! Men and women of the police force with experience in managing crowds, both currently serving and former members, are required.

You will need to be available to speak with us in mid-to-late January and in February 2014. The time commitment is negotiable and we’d be happy to work around your schedule. We anticipate wanting to speak with you for a few hours.

We can pay you an honorarium for your participation.

About the role
The participant’s role is to speak with us about their real life experience managing crowds and protests. We are interested in using your advice to create a stylised dance piece about the maintenance of public order in our society. You won’t be required to perform in the work, but are needed as a consultant. We will then work with a choreographer and use your experiences to create a dance performance about dispersing crowds. If necessary, we’re happy to chat with you ‘off the record’.

About the artwork
Through this choreographed performance piece, Amy and Catherine want to encourage discussion about what is possible in public space, and how public order and security are maintained. We’re interested in drawing attention to the skills of the police, and the way in which their movements and techniques, honed through training, can almost seem like dance. We aim to open up people’s perceptions of the police and their role in public spaces. The piece will be performed at the Arts House in North Melbourne in March 2014.

About the artists
Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan are both artists who live in Melbourne. They are interested in creating public and participatory artworks. Their artistic practice has employed site-specific installation, experimental writing, collage and the production of publications. Their previous works have been supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and the Keir Foundation. They were finalists in the 2013 Substation Contemporary Arts Prize.

Email us at amyspiers [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested in assisting us.



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