Nothing To See Here (Dispersal) at FOLA

Nothing_Arts House4

Catherine and I are developing a new artwork as part of Arts House’s CultureLAB program. The first showing will be presented at  Melbourne’s inaugural Festival of Live Art (FOLA), Sunday 23 March, 2014. The work, created with choreographer and dramaturge, Ashley Dyer, is a stylised choreography about the maintenance of public order.

Police intervention in public space is less about interpellating demonstrators than it is about dispersing them. […] The police are above all certitude about what is there, or rather, about what is not there: “Move along, there’s nothing to see.” The police say there is nothing to see, nothing happening, nothing to be done but to keep moving, circulating; they say that the space of circulating is nothing but the space of circulation. – Jacques Rancière.

Around the world, protests and public gatherings are often broken up by police. Nothing to See Here (Dispersal) is a crowd dispersal choreography, created in consultation with people who have real life experience of the techniques used by police to break up protests. Arts House patrons will be circulated away from areas in and around the Meat Market and North Melbourne Town Hall, leaving behind cleared-out spaces in which there is “nothing to see”. The aim of this choreographed performance is to encourage discussion about what is possible in public space and how this is controlled.

Lead artists: Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan
Consulting Choreographer/Dramaturge: Ashley Dyer

Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall
Sunday 23 March, 12pm

Arts House, Meat Market
Sunday 23 March, 4pm

Approximately 30 mins duration



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