Ordering the Public at Vienna Biennale

Performance of Nothing to See Here (Dispersal). Photo by John Possemato.

Performance of Nothing to See Here (Dispersal). Photo by John Possemato.

We are currently in Vienna to present a new performance work, Ordering the Public, as part of the 2015 Vienna Biennale‘s Performing Public Art Festival.

During the Festival, a group of hired security guards will patrol selected public areas in the centre of Vienna. At designated times, a single behaviour will no longer be “acceptable” in a particular public space. These behaviours will be simple, innocuous things, such as pointing or walking too slowly – activities that are by no means suspicious in and of themselves. It will be the guards’ job to approach members of the public and request that they desist from the behaviour that is temporarily “inappropriate” in their assigned patrol area.

Performance dates:

26 June, 15:30
27 June, 11:30
29 June, 15.30
30 June, 11:00
2 July, 16:30
3 July, 13:30
4 July, 11:00.

Each performance is 2 hours in duration.


Mariahilfer Straße, Praterstern and various other busy places in central Vienna. The specific location of the interventions will be announced at the time of the performances with as little warning as possible via our Twitter accounts (@ahumanproject@iamtheblob) and an announcement in the Angewandte Innovation Lab gallery.

Ordering the Public is part of a series of works that explore and interfere with what is visible and permissible in public space. Other works in this series include Closed to the Public (Protecting Space)Nothing to See Here (Dispersal) and the upcoming No More Public Space, Only Public Order (Watercannon).

In addition to this performance, documentation of our previous works in the Public Order series are part of an exhibition at the Angewandte Innovation Lab (Franz Josefs Kai  3 1010 Vienna) that accompanies the Performing Public Art Festival. The exhibition opened on the 11th of June and will run until the 31st of July.

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