Come celebrate the triumph of public order this Sunday

An important announcement regarding our upcoming parade around Salamanca Place in Hobart, Australia.

watercannon crest

We are pleased to be able to announce that public order has triumphed over public space. The decent, hardworking Australian public has been permanently securitised against the chaos and disorder of mob violence and unauthorised assemblies.

To celebrate this, and to ensure the ongoing security of the public going forward, we will, on Sunday, present Hobart with a new piece of policing technology: a water cannon.

A water cannon is a front-line policing vehicle which shoots streams of water at high velocity over large distances. They are used for riot control. Many countries own water cannons as part of their policing strategy, and they have recently been used to successfully ensure public lawfulness in Germany and Turkey as well as to restore orderly migration flows along the Hungarian border. New South Wales was the first Australian state to purchase a water cannon, just prior to the 2007 APEC summit. While water cannons may not often be used, they are an important deterrent against the anti-social behaviour of troublemakers and rioters.

We are going to celebrate the triumph of public order this Sunday the 17th of January and you are invited to join us. From 11am until 12pm, we will parade Hobart’s new water cannon around Salamanca Place, and then our enforcement officers will demonstrate its capabilities on the Salamanca Lawns.

We are also undertaking some research to help our officers increase the efficiency of their service. To aid this, the following questionnaire has been put together by the prominent UK-based public order expert, Dr Nina Power.

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to celebrating with you on Sunday the 17th of January, 2016.


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