About Amy and Catherine

Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan are Australian artists and writers whose collaborative artistic practice has employed site-specific installation, augmented reality, experimental writing, collage, the production of publications, and live and participatory performance art. They aim to provoke questions about the present social order—particularly about the gaps and silences in public discourse, the things that are not or cannot be acknowledged. Their 2014 work, Nothing to See Here (Dispersal), was nominated for a Green Room Award for Outstanding Contemporary and Experimental Performance. In 2013 they were finalists in the Substation Contemporary Art Prize. They have presented work at the Vienna Biennale, the Melbourne Art Fair, the Festival of Live Art, The Substation, the Underbelly Arts Festival and Footscray Community Art Centre. From October 2012 to January 2013 they undertook an artistic residency together at the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin, Germany. In May 2015 they undertook a residency at the Banff Centre in Canada.

Amy Spiers
amyspiers (at) gmail.com

Amy Spiers is a Melbourne-based artist and writer who is interested in participatory and public art. She employs a cross-disciplinary approach that includes photography, video, installation, text and performance for both site-specific and gallery contexts. Amy has presented numerous art projects in festivals and galleries across Australia. In 2012, she completed a three-month internship with the public art commissioning agency Situations in Bristol, UK.

As an arts writer, Amy has written for Das Superpaper, LALA blog, Next Wave, un magazine, Artlink, Gertrude Contemporary and RMIT gallery. In 2012 Amy completed a Master of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, where she explored the possibilities and pitfalls of inviting viewer participation.

For more information about Amy’s work go to www.amyspiers.com.au or follow her on Twitter.

Catherine Ryan
andsothisiscatherine (at) gmail.com

Catherine Ryan is an artist and writer from Melbourne, Australia. She first began exhibiting solo work in 2013. Catherine works in media including performance, sound, text, video and installation. She has also written accompanying creative and philosophical texts for a number of art projects.

Catherine’s background is in philosophy and critical theory. From 2009 to 2011 she was Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Colloquy: text theory critique. Her Masters thesis was on the work of Michel Foucault, and looked at how Foucault conceives of the practical, transformative capacity of his historical writing. Catherine’s Honours thesis, completed at Monash University in 2007, explored how the philosopher Gilles Deleuze presents the history of philosophy in his work. She is currently undertaking a Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

You can follow Catherine on Twitter or visit her website, catherineryan.com.au

Reading the opening speech at ZK/UAmy Spiers (left) and Catherine Ryan (right)

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